2023 Dates to Celebrate Our Culture

2023 Dates to Celebrate Our Culture

There are so many days in the year to celebrate your culture. From independence days, carnivals and other international days, there are multiple opportunities to show off your flag with pride!

So, here is a little reminder of some of the key dates in 2023 to put in your calendar for you to let your flag fly.

Independence Days

Grenada - 7 Feb

Grenada became independent from Britain in 1974.

Saint Lucia - 22 Feb

The island of Saint Lucia, after centuries of being taken over by both the British and the French, finally gained their independence in 1979.  

Ghana - 6 March 

Formerly known as ‘The Gold Coast’ colony, Ghana became the first country in Africa to gain its independence from Britain in 1957.

Guyana - 26 May

Whilst located in South America, this Caribbean nation became Independent from Britain in 1966.

Jamaica - 6 August

In 1962, Jamaica was the first Caribbean nation to became independent.

Trinidad - 31 August

Trinidad and Tobago gained their independence not long after Jamaica in 1962 and is celebrated with a multitude of festivals and parades every year. 

St Kitts & Nevis - 19 September

The islands St Kitts and Nevis became independent from just over 100 years of British rule in 1983.

Nigeria - 1 October

Nigeria gained their independence from the British empire in 1960. 

St Vincent & the Grenadines - 27 October 1979

In 1979, St Vincent and the Grenadines was the last Windward Island to gain independence.  

Antigua - 1 November

Antigua and Barbuda gained independence in 1981 after over 300 years of British rule.

Dominica - 3 November

Dominica gained their independence in 1978.

 Barbados - 30 November

The nation of Barbados celebrated their independence after gaining it in 1966


Other Occasions

Commonwealth Day - March

On the second Monday in March, all members of the Commonwealth come together to show their strong unity, diversity and shared values through marvellous celebrations.

Jounen Kwéyòl - 28 October

In October, which is Creole Heritage month, this is a day to celebrate all things Creole culture.  

Crop Over - 7-14 August

Every year, Barbadians come together in celebration of Barbados heritage, culture, music, dance, food and art at Crop Over, which is about embracing and celebrating life. 


From the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival (27-29 August), Trinidad Carnival (15-22 February), Miami Carnival (8 October) and Rio Carnival (17-25 February) to all of the various other carnival celebrations across the Caribbean and the rest of the world, these celebrations are always a great opportunity to come together and show off your culture for all to see.  

As you can see there are so many occasions throughout the entire year for you to get your flag out for the whole world to see. And here at the Culture Club Shop we have the perfect products to help you celebrate in style. Shop our various country collections to get yourself some quality flag fashion pieces for you and all of your friends and family!


Celebrate culture all year long!