My Creole Culture

International Creole Day takes on 28th October, with celebrations all around the world. In Saint Lucia and Dominica Jounen Kweyol is a week-long celebration of cultural events and festivals. At Culture Club Shop we love everything about creole culture, so to mark this important celebration of our culture, we are launching the ‘My Creole Culture’ campaign, in conjunction with Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.


Our week-long campaign from 25 - 29 October will include daily giveaways, live interviews on Instagram and content that highlights all the unique and special features of Creole culture. Join in the dicussions about creole culture on our Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win a one of our daily prizes.

Everyday we will giveaway goodies bags of Saint Lucian Rum, Chocolate and other treats. Just tell us what you love about creole culture for a chance to WIN.

The Kwéyòl Language

The Kwéyòl language is at the heart of creole culture. Kwéyòl is a language spoken which has its origins in French and West African languages. French is reflected in the lexicon (vocabulary) while the African is reflected in the syntax (grammar). Kwéyòl was created by Africans who were brought to the Caribbean to work on the plantations. 

Worldwide there are at least eleven million Kwéyòl speakers. Kwéyòl is spoken in Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, French Guyana, Haiti, Louisiana, Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion. Kwéyòl is also spoken in St. Maarten, parts of Trinidad and Grenada. The Kwéyòl language spoken can vary slightly among the different countries. Kwéyòl languages are authentic expressions of the nations’ identities.

Most countries still use their respective colonial power’s language for official purposes, but unlike in the past, now the language is truly embraced and programmes are in place in some countries to increase its usage. 

Kwéyòl Alphabet
The Kwéyòl writing system contains 24 letters, representing 32 phonemes. This writing system used in Saint Lucia and Dominica differs slightly from that used in Guadeloupe and Martinique. The letters Q and X are not used and the letter R only appears in English loan words. The letters C and U never appear alone and are always part of the digraphs Ch and Ou.

Learn Kwéyòl 
To learn more about creole culture and the Kwéyòl Language watch this video.

If you want to learn how to speak Kwéyòl check out:

Or use YouTube to learn:

    Creole Cuisine

    We start by focusing on Creole Cuisine, which is an integral part of the culture. The food has been influenced by our history, the rich ingredients that are available on island and by African, Indian and European food. 

    We get so excited and happy when it comes to the traditional dishes from Saint Lucia, Dominica and the other Caribbean islands. There are so many amazing dishes my mouth waters just thinking about; 
    • Saltfish, Bakes and a little cucumber on the side
    • Sweet Cocoa Tea
    • Bouillon
    • Black Pudding
    • Souse
    • Green fig salad
    • Accra / fishcakes
    • And all other tasty dishes.

    What is Bouillon?
    Bouillon is one of the most beloved one-pot meals in Saint Lucia. It’s a delicious chunky, hearty soup that draws on influences from all the cultures that today make the island’s culture spectacularly unique (East Indian, British, French, African, and Amerindian).
    Locals will tell you that Bouillon is a cornerstone of the Saint Lucian culture. Richly flavorful and filled with varying textures that combine perfectly to leave you satfied and full. You’ll love how the dish offers the right taste of spices and herbs (celery, garlic, onion, pepper, and clove) to complement the floury dumplings, pigtail, ground provisions, and salted beef.
    Check out this Bouillon Recipe on YouTube and the other recipes below for some of our favourite dishes.

    Accra / Saltfish Fritters
    Cassava Bread
    Bakes and Saltfish

    What do you love about Creole Food?
    Tell us what Creole Food you love, for a chance to recieve one of our goodie bags. We are giving away one goodie bag everyday this week. Share your favourite foods on our Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win.

    Find out more about Saint Lucia Creole Hertiage Month.

    Tomorrow we focus on Creole Dress & Fashion!