Kente, more than just a cloth

Kente, more than just a cloth

The Culture Club Shop is all about culture and showcasing quality lifestyle products inspired by Africa and the Caribbean. One of the many things we are inspired by is Kente cloth - you will see it used in a range of items in the shop, including; Home Decor items, Clothing and Accessories. The stunning patterns and colours make perfect accents on any item and bring a touch of elegance and meaning - as there is much more to Kente, than just a cloth.

Kente cloth comes from a textile practice that originated in Ghana centuries ago. The fabric has come to symbolize cultural affiliations from West Africa across the diaspora, but legend has it that a spider spinning a complex web inspired the earliest kente techniques and designs.

Weaving Kente cloth is a cultural tradition of the Ashanti people, and these fabrics were originally used exclusively to dress kings and their courts. Each block, pattern, and colour has a distinct name and meaning, and the cloth often includes Adinkra symbols, which represent concepts or sayings. An example of some the meanings of colours include: 

  • Black: maturity, intensified spiritual energy, spirits of ancestors, passing rites, mourning, and funerals
  • Blue: peacefulness, harmony, and love
  • Green: vegetation, planting, harvesting, growth, spiritual renewal
  • Gold: royalty, wealth, high status, glory, spiritual purity
  • Maroon: the color of mother earth; associated with healing
  • Purple: associated with feminine aspects of life; usually worn by women 

Kente production can be classified by three versions: authentic Kente cloth made by traditional weavers, Kente print produced by brands such as Vlisco and Akosombo Textile LTD, and mass-produced Kente pattern typically produced in China for Westerners. Authentic Kente cloth is the most expensive, while Kente print varies in price depending on production style.

For authentic Kente, the towns of Bonwire, Sakora Wonoo, Ntonso, Safo and Adanwomase are noted for Kente weaving, and are located in the Ashanti region.

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