Madras: A Quick History of Creole Fashion
Picture credit: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority As it is Creole Heritage Month and Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) is fast approaching we thought it would only be appropriate for us to tell you a little bit more about the traditional Creole...
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Let's Celebrate Culture
International Creole Day takes place next week on 28th October 2021, with celebrations all around the world. In Saint Lucia and Dominica Jounen Kweyol is a week-long celebration of cultural events and festivals, although Covid may change things again this year. 
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Dominica and Creole Culture
Dominica has a strong creole culture and is largely influenced by the Africa, the colonial British and French cultures and the Caribs. Dominica's creole culture influenced the language, cuisine, music, fashion and much more.
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