Dominica and Creole Culture
Dominica has a strong creole culture and is largely influenced by the Africa, the colonial British and French cultures and the Caribs. Dominica's creole culture influenced the language, cuisine, music, fashion and much more.
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Jamaica Independence Giveaway
To mark the 59th year of Jamaica Independence, the Culture Club Shop has partnered with the Jamaica Tourist Board to celebrate everything we love about Jamaica and the culture. From 1-6 August we will giveaway daily prizes and invite everyone to share what they love most...
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Why is your culture and heritage important to you?
We love how culture influences so many areas of our lives, food, clothing, hair, music, language, books, events and so much more. We want to showcase the important role culture plays in our lives and asked friends of the Culture Club Shop to share their personal stories of why their culture is so important to them and how it is present in their lives everyday.
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