Saint Lucia Creole Heritage Month

Saint Lucia Jounen Kewyol

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island that inspires all who reach her glorious shores providing a stunning backdrop for exploration from the iconic Piton Mountains and lush rainforest to the beautiful palm-fringed beaches and idyllic bays. Definitely picture perfect and Instagram worthy. 

Saint Lucia has a rich cultural heritage from the early Arawak and Carib settlers through to the European colonisers who all had an influence on every part of this beautiful destination. This influence is evident in the French place names, the local creole language, the music and the delicious cuisine; a tantalising mix of flavours from the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. 

In October, the island celebrates Creole Heritage Month culminating in Jounen Kweyol Day, usually the last Sunday of the month. During Creole Heritage Month, there are a host of fun festivities and activities for the whole family to enjoy. This year, there is a schedule of programmes focusing on health and wellness, fashion and creativity, music and the making of traditional instruments, a Creole Conference to examine and explore the power of the Kwéyòl language and a Kweyol Calypso Festival.  

There will also be the annual flower festival of La Marguerite (La Magwit in Creole) on 17th October where members of the floral society will dress in costumes and march to church for a service which precedes a parade through the streets before a ‘Grand Fete’ celebration which will include singing, traditional dances and music performed on instruments that are rustic and include violins, banjos, guitars, shak-shaks and drums.  

The arts and crafts scene is always buzzing in Saint Lucia with artists taking their inspiration from the land and her amazing people. Grab yourself a work of art including vibrant, colourful paintings and Batik prints to carefully hand-crafted wooden sculptures.  

Every destination offers something wonderful on a plate and Saint Lucia is no exception. The national dish of Saint Lucia is green fig (green banana) and saltfish typically a breakfast meal. washed down with some cocoa tea, made from the cocoa beans straight from the rich, fertile soil of the island. 

Family in madras

Did you know, there are several working cocoa plantations in Saint Lucia offering chocolate lovers the chance to see and learn how chocolate is grown and processed as well as the chance to make their own chocolate treat? 

And we can’t forget to mention the jewel in our crown; our wonderful, warm and friendly people, arguably the most welcoming in the Caribbean.  

So let Saint Lucia inspire you with her rich culture, stunning scenery and an abundance of things to see and do. You will leave feeling refreshed, revived and longing to return. 

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