2023 Dates to Celebrate Our Culture

There are so many days in the year to celebrate your culture. From independence days, carnivals and other international days, there are multiple opportunities to show off your flag with pride! So, here is a little reminder of some of the key dates in 2023 to put in your calendar for you to let your flag fly.

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What is Christmas like in the Caribbean?
Christmas traditions in the Caribbean look a little different to those in other parts of the world. In the Caribbean, the sun is shining, there’s clear blue skies and the air is cool. But Christmas is still enjoyed by many and is still a time when everyone comes together to have fun, show gratitude, share love and celebrate.
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Celebrating the Windrush Generation
This year will mark the 5th annual National Windrush Day here in the UK celebrating the British Caribbean community. Marking 74 years since the windrush generation first arrived here. On 22 June 2022 we are taking the day to celebrate their contributions to British society.
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