Flags of Grenada

Flags of Grenada

Did you know Grenada has had four flags?

The first flag specific to Grenada was a British Blue Ensign adopted in 1875. The flag of British Grenada features a blue field with flag of the United Kingdom in the top left corner and a badge in the centre right corner. The badge depicts workers in a sugar cane mill. 

 1875 Grenada flag

In 1903 the badge was changed to a ship on the sea with mountains.

1903 Grenada Flag

In 1967 Grenada became a British associated state and a new flag was adopted. It featured a blue-yellow-green horizontal tricolour with a red-bordered white oval and image of a clove of nutmeg in the centre.

1967 Grenada Flag

When Grenada finally gained full independence in 1974 a completely new flag was adopted. It features Two triangles of yellow and green, a thick red border and six gold five-pointed stars with a red disc and gold star in the centre with a nutmeg pod on the left side. The red colour stands for vitality, green for the agriculture, yellow for wisdom. The six stars on the border represents the six parishes and the red disk in the centre is the capital.

1974 Grenada Flag

 The flag was designed by Anthony C. George.

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