12 things to do in St Kitts & Nevis

12 things to do in St Kitts & Nevis



Known as the ‘Mother Colony of the West Indies’, the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton and home to the Kittitians and Nevisians is the beautiful two-island country of St Kitts and Nevis. It is considered the smallest island in the Americas and is historically famous for its sugarcane industry. Rich in history this is a brilliant place to go to enjoy learning and enjoying the stunning nature it has to offer. 
To celebrate St Kitts & Nevis independence day, 19th September 1967, we have compiled a list of 12 breathtaking things to do if you are ever able to visit this beautiful county and indulge in its splendour. 

1) Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park 

On the southwestern coast of St Kitts is where you’ll find the great Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. Brimstone Hill Fortress is a compound of fortifications from the 18th century. The collection of structures is a testimony to both the engineering skills of the British military and the hard work of the African slaves who designed, built and maintained the fortress.  Now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park offers a taste of local history with stunning ocean views.

The site is now a popular spot for weddings and wedding photos. Visitors can enjoy battle re-enactments, have a walk along the great palisades and indulge in the beautiful views of the island of Sint Eustatius off in the distance. 

2) Mount Liamuiga

If hiking is something you’re into then venture up the magnificent Mount Liamuiga. Located at the heart of St Kitts and rising to 1,156 meters above the Caribbean Sea, this dominant natural landmark can be seen from attractions across the island. 

Treks to the top and back usually take an entire day with the top of the mounting hosting breathtaking panoramas of the entire island and surrounding ocean. Hikers can expect to walk through misty rainforests, groves of old mango trees and a lush tropical landscape along their trails.  

3) Romney manor

Romney Manor, the former home of the owners of the neighbouring Wingfield Estate sugar plantation which is now in ruins, is a wonderful historical landmark. The manor is surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens which host a 400-year-old Saman tree, as well as a site in which you can see historical carvings of Amerindian petroglyphs.   

The manor has been taken over and is now home to the Caribelle Batik store and workshop. Here they sell an array of beautiful products and show visitors the process of the classic batik technique. 

4) Beaches 

For the classic idea of a relaxed trip, then the beaches of St Kitts are where you want to visit. With pristine white sand beaches and beautiful warm turquoise waters native to the Caribbean, there are so many to see and something for everyone. 

The wide stretch of Frigate Bay South is among St Kitts’ most popular beaches and is also known for its nightlife. But for marine life and admiring the panoramic views from the island, Cockleshell Beach is one of the livelier and more popular spots to soak up the sun. 

For a more quiet place to bask in the sun head to beaches like Majors Bay, Turtle Beach and Banana Bay. The perfect places to escape to and get away from some of the livelier crowds. 

If you want to experience something truly unique, then visit the beautiful black sand beach of Dieppe Bay. Originating from a long-dormant volcano here you can look out to where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea in a stunning display of nature.

If you land yourself on the island of Nevis, the sandy and scenic Oualie Beach cannot be missed, with fun activities for all the family.

5) St Kitts Scenic Railway

For a more time-effective way to see most of the island, you should consider boarding the St. Kitts Scenic Railway. The 3-hour, 30-mile long trip will take you along the coast, encircling the entire island, giving you beautiful views of beaches, cliffs, canyons and lush rainforests. 

Originally built to transport sugarcane from the plantations down to Basseterre this scenic railway tour offers passengers a look at historical points of interest around the island and a chance to learn about the island’s culture, alongside magnificent views of the land and surrounding sea and ocean. 

6) Timothy Hill

For stunning 360-degree views make sure to visit Timothy Hill Overlook Hill on St Kitts. The viewpoint offers beautiful views of Nevis across The Narrows as well as views of both the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and both Friars and Frigate bays.

Along with spotting some of the wildlife, you can stop by one of the local stands selling souvenirs and get some food and refreshments to enjoy along with the view. There is also a paragliding site not too far if you’re feeling adventurous.

7) National Museum of St Kitts 

If you enjoy a walk around a museum to learn about history then you would enjoy the National Museum of St. Kitts and Nevis, located in the former Treasury, a small building which sits between the Circus in Basseterre and Port Zante. 

A brilliant place to learn about the local history, the museum features various exhibitions on the country's cultural heritage, indigenous inhabitants, slavery, the rum trade, sugar plantations, carnival, rebellion and independence in its three galleries. There is also a small gift shop for visitors to buy souvenirs.    

8) St Kitts Eco-Park

St. Kitts Eco-Park is a stunning greenhouse and garden complex located in the town of Sandy Point that has been funded by Taiwan, which is perfect for anyone who loves plants. Its purpose is to teach young locals about sustainable agriculture and horticulture. The park features a greenhouse, various floral and herbal gardens and agricultural exhibits. The park also features a hedge maze that is shaped like the maps of St Kitts and Taiwan. 

The greenhouse stands 24 meters tall and covers over 14,000 square feet, making it the largest greenhouse in the Caribbean. Inside you will find a large number of plants, including local medicinal herbs, butterfly orchids, and roses. There is also a large number of tropical fruit trees that are used to sell fruit to the locals.

9) Fairview Great House and Botanical Garden

At the foot of the lush Olivees Mountain, Fairview Great House is a beautifully restored French colonial mansion set on over 2 acres of gorgeous tropical garden. Built in 1701 this historic plantation house now serves as a museum. It has been fully restored with beautiful period furniture and decor to reflect its original glory and features a magnificent 16-seat mahogany dinner table. 

The lush botanical gardens offer impressive views of the Caribbean Sea, the south peninsula and the island of Nevis. The gardens are full of lush tropical shrubs, flowers, birds, and even monkeys, and you are able to see the original courtyards and indulge in the colourful flamboyant trees.

Complete with a gift shop, you are also able to take cooking classes and participate in rum tasting, making this an incredible all-around experience.

10) Nevis Botanical Gardens

Located not far from Charlestown and situated on land originally belonging to the Montpelier Estates, you will come across the lush tropical Nevis Botanical Garden set against the wonderful backdrop of Mount Nevis. Set in 5-acre gardens, this tranquil oasis features a variety of tropical plants from all over the world, a cool cascade, dolphin fountains, and a pool with water lilies. The gardens also include the royal poinciana, also called the Delonix regia or flamboyant, which is the national flower of St. Kitts and Nevis. 

In the lovely shaded Orchid Terraces, you will experience many colourful bromeliads, exotic orchids, and more than 100 species of palms, whilst in the Tropical Vine Garden, you will find the fabric-like flowers of the calico vine and the smell of the stephanotis. And if you’re feeling more adventurous then you can head to the mysterious Rainforest Conservatory where you can explore the ruins of a lost temple.

11) The Circus

The Circus is a roundabout located in the heart of Basseterre and owes its origins to the "Great Fire," which destroyed much of town in 1867. In the rebuilding of the town, Liverpool Row and Fort Street were widened in order to ease the flow of traffic in case there was another fire and make the streets easier for a firetruck to navigate. It was said to have been designed with inspiration from Piccadilly Circus in London and the four main streets that lead from the Circus each head in the direction of the compass points. 

The Circus was eventually decorated with the beautiful green ornate clock located in its centre called the Berkeley Memorial, in honour of Thomas Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley who was a local legislator and estate owner. Now the Circus is the hub of Basseterre and city activities, especially during the multiple carnivals and other festivals making it a perfect location for people to visit.  

12) Independence Square

The former Pall Mall Square was renamed Independence Square in 1983 to celebrate the birthday of the nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Located in the eastern part of Basseterre, the land was originally used as a pasture, which then became a place for slaves to sell their produce before becoming a spot for military drill practices. 

After the Commissioner for the Supply of Water started improvement, it then turned into the beautiful space it is now with its beautiful fountain and surrounding trees and plants. Today, the square is a popular venue for cultural events and is a place where both locals and tourists can enjoy sitting under the trees.

There is so much more to do when you visit St Kitts & Nevis. With spectacular views and historical landmarks, this is the perfect place for everyone to enjoy!

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